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A great achievement for Laura Marling last Saturday, she performed in the Royal Albert Hall. That should have given her a pretty good feeling. The setlist was increasingly lager than normal. And apart from “Once”, Laura played another brand new song. Luckily, some people taped it for us.

and from a different angle (and quality-level)

I’m can really get a title out of it, so if anyone wants to give it a try, go for it. It appeared on the setlist as “New Track”.

Royal Albert Hall setlist, via

The Independent reviewed Saturday’s show on their website.

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Poster for sale at the venue on the day of the show and goes for $20.

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A Creature I Don't Know Folder

Click for super-size.

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Laura Marling will play the London Royal Albert Hall on July 7. Tickets for the show that takes place in one of England’s most treasured venues will go for GBP22.50 – 45. And go on sale on 9AM this Friday via Seetickets.

Pre-sale will begin tomorrow (March 28). Info regarding this pre-sale will be released in the morning via the newsletter (and you might find it on this website).

The show will feature tracks from A Creature I Don’t Know, some early track and maybe even some ‘newbies’. Laura Marling will be accompanied by her band and there won’t be a support show.

<strong>edit:</strong> The pre-sale link.

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Click for SUPER size, thanks to the original uploader.

On an other note, Laura will be doing a session for BBC Radio 6 Music News next week.

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This picture was uploaded onto the official CFF twitter. You can see Laura paying tribute to her favourite band.

EDIT: Some videos taped by fjaerilbs over at youtube:

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Here is the setlist of the evening, uploaded by andwearebasiclife over at Tumblr. His or her blog contains a couple more pictures of the evening.

There is another nice picture over here, the rest of this set will appear in the next issue of Spin Magazine.

EDIT: David Officer took some real quality pics of the gig (Not that the ones mentioned above are not though!), they are on the Woodend Barn Facebook page.

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The Aros Hall in Mull, yesterday, was the stage of the kick-off of Laura’s 7-date Highlands tour. This photo of the setlist was placed online on the venue’s Facebook page:

I guess the note “Montreux Set” could mean that the list without the edits could have been used at the Montreux Jazz Festival earlier this month.

EDIT: here’s a video of “Made By Maid”

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I told you about shitty one-page-posters offered by the NME in their weekly magazine last week. Well, this time, they can get a little bit of sympathy. They gave out a poster like this featuring Laura in her Glastonbury mood. You can find it down here, click on it to get it a tad larger.

On other magazine news, I’ve heard Laura is featured in the newest edition of Vogue UK. I wont post that here (for now).

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