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Tiny Desk Concert

US-based radio broadcaster NPR just released the session Laura Marling did for them at their offices. In this performance, Don’t Ask Me Why and Sophia, as well as new song Once. The audio is downloadable from the NPR website.

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Here’s a video of Laura Marling doing Sophia in Vancouver last Wednesday. This remains a great track, even after so many plays.

In other news, Laura did another interview. This time with Owl Magazine. Summary of the interview: Laura finished writing her album around a month ago (somewhere mid-May, I’m a tad late on noticing this interview) and she is in and out of the studio (Real World Studios in Bath, UK). Ethan Johns is doing [producing] the album (again). The thing will “probably be released in about 6 months”.

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New interview, same old questions. Always good to see Laura Marling though!

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New Song: Undine

Laura Marling debuted a new track early in her North-American tour. The track, according to the 9:30 Club set-list, is called “Undine”. Here is a video from the track being played in Atlanta last Sunday.

Photo from the official 9:30 Club tumblr.

Edit, took a first try at the lyrics, any suggestions?

Made my steps towards the water
where Undine last was seen
I was told that if you saw her
it should make you more naive
Made my steps towards the shore
she calls her love at me

oh Undine so sweet and pure, make me more naive
oh Undine, singing after me
oh Undine, make me more naive

There were ropes around my wrist
The tide pulled at her hair
Pulling her away from me
and me away from there
the water tried to take her
and it may pour on that night
But she fought herself against it
love in her had not yet died

oh Undine, fight your way to me
oh Undine, make me more make me more

You live for the sea
Oh Undine, you live for the sea
You can not you can not
You can not you can not
You can not love me

It’s cold there in the summer
so I took my coat and left
Left Undine by the embers
That’s all our fire had left

Left Undine by the shore
When she sings her love at me
Oh Undine I shook and swore
I don’t (?)

You live for the sea, oh Undine
You live for the sea
You can not you can not
you can not you can not
you can not love me

What’s going on in there
what’s going on in there
let me in
you live for the sea, Undine
you live for the sea
you can not you can not love me

Oh yeah, according to Wikipedia, Undine is some sort of water nymph.

EDIT2: Made some changes, provided by Delgado, to the guess above.

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Rather boring interview…

Good thing there were a couple more official vids:

Alas I Cannot Swim (Live at Bonnaroo)
Rambling Man (Live at Bonnaroo)
Blackberry Stone (Live at Bonnaroo)


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Primavera Video

After a short break Laura is back on tour and back in Europe. Here is a video from Barcelona.

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Video: OPBMusic Session

Here’s the complete video of Laura Marling in session on OPBMusic two weeks ago. The session took place on April 12. The four songs played are: The Muse, Sophia, Night After Night and Rabling Man.

Image 'stolen' from Antichristvon.tumblr.com


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Laura Marling played new single ‘All My Rage’ live at Andrew Marr’s show on BBC One this morning. Head over to this page to see the video. If your living in the UK you can re-watch the complete show via the iplayer. Also, Graham announced it was his final gig with Laura.

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The complete set Laura Marling did on the BBC 6 Music anniversary last Friday can be watched back on Youtube.

Included on the setlist is new song “Once”, this is the first pro-shot material of the track available.

If you are planning on seeing Marling on one of the last dates of her current tour, make sure to take enough cash for merchandising. Post cards, booklets, t-shirts, tote bags and posters are among the stuff that’s available.

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New Song: Once

Amsterdam, March 18

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